Danny Dyer Is Officially Coming To Love Island



I’ll be honest and say that I’ve somehow managed to avoid watching one single episode of Love Island which is why Sick Chirpse hasn’t posted about it at all unlike many of our sister publications, but this latest news just had to warrant an article.

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Despite never seeing an episode, I’m aware that Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani has been one of the main characters this year and people have been clamouring for the gaffer himself to make an appearance on the island and it looks like he’s actually going to show up, be it tonight or sometime soon. Danny announced the news via his Twitter account, saying the following: 

I mean yeah, that may or may not be true but there’s no denying that an appearance from Danny Dyer on Love Island would be completely explosive so there’s no way that the two sides wouldn’t try and make it work for both of them. It would also serve to get people like me interested in it, which is probably the only step Love Island needs to take to achieve complete and utter domination of the whole country/world. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s happening so you’re probably gonna have to get on board with it if you like it or not.

For more Danny Dyer, here’s a Danny Dyer soundboard of his best quotes. Legend.


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