Danny Dyer Has A Message For Any Of His Daughter’s Potential Love Interests On Love Island


You don’t wanna piss off Danny Dyer.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but this year’s season of Love Island kicked off on Monday so you’ve basically got to endure inane conversations about it in the office/school or wherever you go for the next eight weeks. You’re probably already aware of this fact though.

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You’re probably also aware of the fact that Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani is appearing in the show, but you might not be aware of Danny Dyer’s advice for anyone who might be looking to hook up with his little girl and then break her heart. He recently conducted an interview with Jack Whitehall on Dadchat where he revealed how he would handle anyone who attempted to date his daughter.

You can watch the full thing, or the key quotes are in writing below:

Listen I am sweet with him as long as a tear never drops from her fucking eye we’re gonna be good friends. I can do it in a look.

You walk in you’re getting blanked straight away – I’m blanking ya I’m looking at the telly and I just go – and look away again.

It’s a little pipe, which is a look and then look away and then have another look right and then say fuck all to him, you know what I mean? So he knows.

Well yeah I mean I wouldn’t expect anything less from Danny Dyer himself, would you? Unfortunately for Dani’s love match on the show Jack then, as he managed to reduce her to tears last night when he revealed that his last two girlfriends dumped him after they found that he had been sleeping around their backs.

Good start there then, but I suppose he doesn’t have to see Danny for another 8 weeks so at least he’s got time to smooth it out with her. Good luck pal, although it would be absolute gold seeing Danny Dyer lamp some chump from Love Island so I think I’m gonna rescind that offer of luck. Unlucky pal.

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