Danny Dyer Rinses Katie Hopkins On Twitter Again After She Criticises Stay At Home Mums

Katie Hopkins Danny Dyer

Once again Danny Dyer tells it like it is.

We covered the fact that Danny Dyer absolutely told Katie Hopkins on Twitter the other week after she criticised his engagement, and he’s at it again this week after she randomly went on the offensive against stay at home mums this morning via her account.

I’m not really sure of her reasons to send these tweets – other than to annoy most of the people in the world of course – but nevertheless she did this morning when she woke up and went on the rampage:

Never being one to mince words and obviously not a huge fan of Katie Hopkins after she had a go at him for no real reason, Danny Dyer came to the rescue by tweeting a picture saying how ugly Katie Hopkins’ children were (lol good one) and another one implying that she looked like some grotesque kind of monster from Ghostbusters. At least I think it’s from Ghostbusters – he’s photoshopped his face onto one of the Ghostbuster in the picture to imply that he’s going to take her down, which he undoubtedly did. We can only hope that it happens in real life next time.

He also tweeted a picture of  her comparing her to a tampon – well and truly owned. Props to Danny Dyer yet again – we always knew he was the man ever since we interviewed him way back when. Oh, and if you’re not familiar with cockney rhyming slang a syrup refers to a ‘syrup of figs’ i.e. a wig. No kidding if that’s what she really looks like.


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