Danny Drinkwater Was Sent Off For Chelsea U23s Last Night After Starting On A 16 Year Old

Anger problems.

I bet that most of us had probably forgotten about Danny Drinkwater and the integral part that he played in Leciester’s Premier League winning campaign back in 2015/16, but it turns out he’s still pulling on his boots for Chelsea’s reserves after a largely forgetful couple of years there and clearly isn’t happy about the situation.

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Danny Drinkz was starting in the U23 match against Spurs last night and took exception to a tackle by 16 year old Alfie Devine, retaliating by completely studding him and then starting a brawl with half the team. Drinkwater and Devine were both subsequently sent off, but also watch out for a cameo from an aging Petr Cech hobbling over to try and break up the fight. For some reason he was in goal for the U23s at Chelsea as well!?

Yeah, to be fair to Danny there that is an absolutely horrible two footed tackle from Devine, but you really would expect a 30 year old man who’s being playing football professionally for quite some time now to be able to hold it together at something like that. I guess that just isn’t Danny Drinkz’s MO though as he’s had previous for punching a teammate whilst on loan at Aston Villa and headbutting a man in a club too. Think Frank Lampard and Chelsea probably need to put him on an anger management course or something. Clearly something up with the guy.


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