Chelsea Star Danny Drinkwater Filmed Headbutting A Man In Club (VIDEO)

Next time, just drink water.

The other week we wrote about how Chelsea footballer Danny Drinkwater was beaten to a pulp during a night out in Manchester after hitting on Scunthorpe United player Kgosi Ntlhe’s girlfriend and not taking no for an answer.

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Well video from inside Manchester’s Chinawhite club has now been leaked showing Drinkwater tussling with Ntlhe, before appearing to headbutt him:

Security threw both men out of the club, before a group of around six men jumped Drinkwater and kicked the crap out of him, according to The Sun.

Drinkwater was left with an ankle injury and some bruising/cuts to his face:

Sean Dyche, manager for Burnley where Drinkwater is currently on loan from Chelsea, had this to say about the situation:

This is just a bump in the situation. We want to make sure that he gets back to being fully fit, playing well.

Next time Danny hits the club it might be a good idea to live up to his surname and actually just drink water the whole night. Not a great look hitting on another footballer’s girlfriend, getting rejected, getting turfed from the club, and then beaten up on top.

Speaking of headbutts, check out this footage of a Glasgow woman unleashing an unreal headbutt TKO to a man chatting up another woman. Just another night in Glasgow.


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