Daniella Westbrook Left Suicidal After Her Son Saw Leaked Naked Video Of Her On Pornhub

Daniella Westbrook

Not surprised.

I’m not a parent, but I can’t imagine there are much worse feelings in the world then when one of your children accidentally ends up seeing your sex tape. That’s going to be the absolute pits.

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Unfortunately for Daniella Westbrook, that’s almost exactly what she’s experiencing right now after a leaked video of her walking around a sauna naked and acting drunk was leaked onto Pornhub. Friends of her 21 year old son Kai Jenkins cruelly sent him the screenshots and joked that his mother was trending on the pornography website. Sound like really great friends.

Daniella described her pain at finding out about the situation:

I felt suicidal because that’s my kid. He’s beside himself and I feel terrible.

This does make me feel bad, it makes me feel awful.

He told me “I’ve woken up in Edinburgh and everyone’s sending me screenshots, you’re trending on Pornhub.”

It’s revenge porn. They haven’t got the right to put it on Pornhub.

It can be taken down and will be hopefully, but the damage is done already.

I know he [the man she’s seeing] would never send it on in a million years or else we would have a whole trilogy of me by now!

I shouldn’t have done it, but I got too drunk and sometimes I forget I’m a mum.

Damn. I guess you have to feel sorry for her because it’s awful to be violated like that and especially have your children witness it too. Unfortunately that’s the age we live in and you can’t be too careful these days. Sucks.

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