Daniel Stern Recreates Classic Home Alone Scene After Catching Giant Spider

Daniel Stern Home Alone

That scream never gets old.

Everyone has seen Home Alone and everyone absolutely loves it because there’s definitely something timeless about a little kid setting up loads of traps up in his house and kicking the crap out of a bunch of adults. It’s pretty much every kid’s dream, right?

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However many years on from its release (and believe me it’s a shitload), Daniel Stern is still playing off his most iconic role as hapless burglar Marv with most of his Facebook content and his latest video is keeping in trend with this. In it, he’s captured a giant spider in his own house and uses it to create one of the iconic scenes from the movie where Marv screams his ass off upon seeing a tarantula.

Of course, he doesn’t actually put it on his face again because that would be crazy, but it’s great to see the scream again though:

It never gets old. Let’s hope Home Alone never gets rebooted/remade because nobody is going to nail it as hard as the original.

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