Daniel Radcliffe Gets Abandoned In The Bolivian Jungle In His New Movie

Daniel Radcliffe Jungle

It’s gonna be a tough journey out.

Ever since the Harry Potter franchise ended, you’ve got to respect Daniel Radcliffe for taking some weird and outlandish roles and not just resting on his laurels, the most notable of which was probably Swiss Army Man.

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Not content with that weird movie where he played a farting dead body though, he’s now taken on the role of Israeli backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg in the survival thriller Jungle. Based on a true story, it follows the tale of this dude who was abandoned in the middle of the Bolivian jungle by his guide and has to do what he can to make it back to civilisation. Here’s the trailer:

Whoa – looks pretty goddamn intense huh? Can’t believe he has to deal with river rapids, quicksand, snakes and spiders out there. How the heck is he going to get out of all of those problems? Guess we’ve gotta tune in to find out. It looks pretty good though so I’m OK with that.

For more Daniel Radcliffe, remember the time he admitted to masturbating incessantly during the Harry Potter era? Lol.


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