Dani Dyer Refuses To Drink Tap Water Because It’s How The Government Will Kill Us

Take note.

Not really sure if anyone is taking Dani Dyer’s advice on anything meaningful in their lives, but if you are then maybe take note of her refusal to drink tap water because she thinks that the government will kill us through it.

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Dani was appearing on Good Morning Britain to promote her new book of life advice (I guess there are actually a whole bunch of people out there that will pay to read her opinions on the world and I was completely wrong in my opening statement) whens he was questioned about the chapter on not drinking tap water. Here’s what she had to say about it, in both video format and text – we’re too kind:

I know it sounds silly and I know I sound really stupid but yeh I just can’t drink tap water.

I feel quite rude when I go around someone’s house, I will drink it but I’m sort of looking at every mouthful.

I’m just passionate about it.

I studied history and I learned all about Cholera and it’s so silly but I just thought if that disease can kill that many people how has it changed?

Wow. How profound, intelligent and – dare I say it? – woke of her.

Definitely something more people probably need to be made aware of I think. With insights like that I can see her book flying off the shelves. BRB just gonna order one online. Probably never coming back tbh as her life advice will see me reach unparalleled success in my life so I can leave the blogging game behind. Sayonara suckers.

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