Dana White Fires Cyborg From UFC After She Shares Doctored Video Confronting Him At UFC 240

He was not happy.

Anyone still hoping for Amanda Nunes Vs Cris Cyborg II is set to be sorely disappointed this week, as Dana White has announced that he is officially done with Cris Cyborg and doesn’t want her fighting for the UFC again, as per ESPN.

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This follows years of tension between the two after Dana White made some harsh comments about her appearance, which led to a bunch of people (Cyborg included) calling him transphobic – which doesn’t really make sense because Cris Cyborg was born a woman and identifies as one.

Here are the comments he made years back:

More recently he gave this interview with UFC correspondent Laura Sanko, which led to both of them getting death threats and abuse after he talked about Cyborg again and attempted to justify his previous remarks about her:

The last straw in the relationship came when Cyborg surprised Dana White backstage at UFC 240, confronting him on camera about why he hadn’t sorted out her rematch with Amanda Nunes yet.

Cyborg has since deleted the video, where she captioned it to make it seem as though Dana White said “whenever you hear me saying stuff, I’m not saying the truth”.

Here’s a re-upload from someone else who fell for the fake captioning:

In fact after taking down the video Cris Cyborg wrote this apology in which she admitted her team had edited the video to make Dana White look bad. Whoops:

Well doctoring footage to make your boss look like a dishonest arsehole is one way to get yourself fired, and it looks like this apology was too little, too late from Cyborg as Dana White and the UFC have now washed their hands of her.

Shame really, because everyone wanted to see the rematch between Nunes and Cyborg. I guess a working relationship that’s been this rocky for so many years was always doomed to collapse at one point. No doubt we’ll be seeing Cyborg in Bellator or one of the other MMA promotions soon.

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