Dana White Apologises After Video Emerges Of Him Slapping His Wife In the Face



Dana White may be responsible for the biggest MMA promotion on the planet that countless people all over the world know and love, but I don’t think that necessarily means that he isn’t a bit of a dickhead with some problematic views on certain subjects.

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This has all been blown out wide into the open again this morning after TMZ posted up a video of him and his wife Anne getting involved in a physical altercation in Cabo on New Year’s Eve. In the video you can quite clearly see Anne slapping him in the face before Dana decides to retaliate by slapping her back even harder.

You can check out the footage below:

Obviously this didn’t look good, so Dana White was already contacted by TMZ and issued the following grovelling statement where he admitted that his actions were totally unacceptable and that he had been drinking heavily during the incident:

We spoke to Dana about the incident, and he admits he and Anne had been drinking heavily — but quickly adds that’s no excuse for him getting physical. He told us, “You’ve heard me say for years, ‘There’s never ever an excuse for a guy to put his hands on a woman,’ and now here I am on TMZ talking about it.

He says he’s embarrassed by this “horrible” incident, and he and Anne have apologized to each other. He says they’re “good,” but their biggest concern now is for their 3 kids … with whom they’ve already discussed the fight.

Anne also released a statement saying that everything was cool via the website:

Dana and I have been married for almost 30 years. To say this is out of character for him is an understatement — nothing like this has ever happened before.

Unfortunately, we were both drinking too much on New Year’s Eve and things got out of control, on both sides. We’ve talked this through as a family and apologized to each other.

I just hope people will respect our privacy for the sake of our kids.

Well, seems like they’ve both move fairly quickly with damage control on this and are both hoping that it gets swept under the carpet and forgotten about ASAP. And I’m betting that it probably will because they’re two rich powerful white people who have both apologised, so why should there be any more of an issue?

However, even if they were drinking that original footage does not look good, especially how quick White is to viciously slap her back in a public place. Probably not that good that she was hitting him as well. Wonder what the pair of them were fighting about and what’s really going on behind the scenes there?

It’s also really funny that White and his wife decided to spend their New Year’s Eve in what can only be described as a completely awful club with absolutely terrible music down in Mexico. Aren’t these people supposed to be billionaires? Kinda doesn’t make me wanna work my ass off all my life for billions of pounds if I have to end up in shxtholes like that on NYE when I’m in my mid 50s. Was bad enough in my mid 20s. Just saying.

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