Dan Bilzerian Donates U-Haul Full Of Toys To Kids That Need Them

Dan Bilzerian Donates Toys

The jury seems to be out on Dan Bilzerian, but maybe this video will get some of you on his side.

Dan Bilzerian seems to split people down the middle – is he a poker playing sickhead with the best Instagram account in history, or a poker playing male chauvinist twat? Is he cooler than Leonardo DiCaprio?

Most Sick Chirpse readers seem to have their minds made up about him but we firmly believe that he’s one of the biggest killers in history. Just living the life that most people will only ever dream about and passively rubbing it all in our faces.

However, for all you haters out there here’s another side to the guy, when he recently donated a whole U-Haul truck full of toys to kids who need it. Sure, he probably only did it because it was tax deductible and with all the money he has he could definitely do a lot more, but it’s still good to see that in between all the partying and being a sickhead he still has time to help people out.


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