The ‘Damn Daniel’ Kid Just Got A Lifetime Supply Of Vans Presented To Him On TV

Damn, Daniel. Damn.

So I guess the kids behind the Damn Daniel meme are certified superstars right now, and with superstardom comes a ton of free shit as they just found out first-hand.

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Josh Holz and ‘Damn’ Daniel Lara were invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Daniel received the gift of a lifetime (literally) — a lifetime supply of Vans. Which isn’t too shabby for someone who’s only going to be famous for another 15 minutes.

Watch below:

What this really shows us though is the power of social media. These kids made a random stupid video one week and the next week they’re on Ellen getting hooked up with free shit. What I don’t get is why Daniel is getting the most love out of this though? Sorry but that video’s all about the other kid’s voice. Without Josh going “Damn Daniel” these videos don’t even exist. Well I guess he got a surfboard out of it so it’s not all bad.

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