This ‘Damn Daniel’ Meme With 290,000 ReTweets Is All The Internet’s Talking About This Week

The Internet is going nuts over this clip for some reason.

So yesterday someone posted the words “Damn Daniel” under a random post we did on Facebook and it got a bunch of Likes which made no sense at all.

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I saw the same words show up again and again around the Internet and didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Then I got the heads up:

Turns out it’s the new viral phenomenon taking over the Internet this week, and I must’ve watched the video about 10 times now and I still don’t understand what’s going on. It’s just some dude with a camera bigging up another kid’s choice of footwear? And the kid’s name is Daniel? There’s really not much to it but somehow the Internet is going insane over it.

Is it a generational thing? Am I getting too old for the Internet? Is a schoolboy rocking a new pair of trainers what it took for me to realise this?

I did find it funny when he goes “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white vans!”. Maybe I’m not quite done yet.

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