The Kid Who Filmed ‘Damn, Daniel’ Meme Just Had The SWAT Team Show Up To His Door

The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.

What is going on with the Internet these days? Things are getting completely out of control. First we get this ‘Damn Daniel’ meme going ridiculously viral when it had absolutely zero right to:

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And now some Internet trolls are so jealous of the fact this video went viral that they called the SWAT team on the boy who filmed it, claiming there’d been a shooting at his house.

Police confirmed that they responded to a call around 1AM at a home in Riverside, CA after they got a tip off that a boy had shot his mum in the head with an AK-47. Of course, it turned out to be a hoax but police still went in there and cleared the scene to make sure.

Definitely a case where trolling has gone too far IMO. I mean anyone who goes viral these days is open to abuse from Internet haters with nothing better to do, but actually calling a SWAT team to the kid’s house is next level. It’s one thing trolling someone online and something else entirely finding their address and number and putting them in a situation like this. Just way, way too far.

Stick to the Photoshop trolling guys, they’re mostly harmless.


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