Watch Damien Walters Nail The First Ever Hold And Release Bungee Jump

Damien Walters Hold And Release Bungee Jump

You wouldn’t catch me trying this.

Just like yesterday when we featured the guy flying through a really small hole in a wing suit, bungee jumping is something I never want to go anywhere near for obvious reasons.

The hold and release bungee jump is a variation on a bungee jump that I’m even less likely to want to go near as you’re not actually strapped onto the bungee but have to hold onto it yourself. Now, I know I would be holding on for dear life if I ever found myself in such a situation, but I would still be bricking it that I might slip because I was falling so fast. Not for me.

The same can’t be said of the professional stuntman and parkour expert Damien Walters though, who lives for this shit. Desperate to pioneer something new after being the first man to run upside down in a loop (watch the video seriously it’s crazy), over the weekend Damien decided to do this sweet hold and release bungee jump and absolutely nails it obviously. Fair play.

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