VIDEO: Damien Walters Performs The First Ever Human Loop The Loop

Damien Waters Loop The Loop

We’ve seen skateboarders and BMXers do loop the loops countless times, but can a human running on his own do it?

Pepsi Max sponsored stuntman/parkour dude Damien Walters to try and perform the first ever loop the loop and charters his progress with it in this video. Obviously the loop the loop has been performed countless times on skateboards and BMXs, but nobody has ever tried to do it simply running at the loop themselves.

Damien finds out pretty quickly that all he needs to do is be running 8.5 mph when he hits the top of the loop to make it all the way round. Sounds easy enough right? Well, check out the video if you think that because it looks like it takes him a long time to get it right, and even then it’s not 100% perfect. Still, a world first and you gotta give the guy props for that.

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