Daily Mail Says That Smoking During Pregnancy Makes Baby Gay

Another nail in the coffin for the public understanding of science – The Daily Mail reports on smoking making your baby gay.

Now, the guy that’s done the research that the Mail are covering – Dick Swaab (no, seriously, that’s his name) is a pretty controversial figure and has met with a lot of criticism. He has written a load of papers on sexuality and how minor chemical effects in the womb can effect your future sexuality. Neither myself nor the Daily Mail journalists have read all of his research and papers, and I can fully understand why his point of view is disliked. But my beef is with the Daily Mail for picking only his work out of all of the good solid and interesting neuroscience stories there are, and just picking the one thing that will make their pseudo-soft-edged, right-wing, homophobic, immigrant hating plebs sit up and listen.

Daily Mail Smoking Pregnancy Gay - Dick Swaab

Dick Swaab (snigger) defends his findings saying that he is arguing for the biological origin of sexuality, which actually is kind of what most people say. We know it’s how you’re born, not a “life choice” as people used to believe. So in a way he’s agreeing with the popular consensus, but just in a pretty weird way.

Dick is Professor of Neurobiology at the Medical Faculty, University of Amsterdam and head of a research team on neuropsychiatric disorders at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. So I don’t really feel I could argue about the guy’s credentials.

Daily Mail Smoking Pregnancy Gay - Dick Swaab controversy

Without rigorous detailed analysis of his findings we can’t argue about what he’s written at all. The Daily Mail has no place bringing out these half-baked stories and spreading their poisonous brain worms to the masses. If you want to read good and relevant pop-science you can get the New Scientist or whatever, but the problem is Daily Mail readers aren’t interested in science. And they will happily believe all that they read on those dog-turd smeared pages. The only “science” the Daily Mail readership will ever know about will be based on lazy journalism and that’s a real shame. For all of us.

If you see someone reading the Daily Mail today, please set fire to it.

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