Dads Makes Horrific Discovery After Setting Up Hidden Camera In Daughter’s Room


Poltergeist attack.

Kids + creepy imaginary friends = a really bad time.

As the video below outlines, if you ever decide to have a kid and they start complaining of an imaginary entity that keeps bothering them, the best bet is to move home, or even country, and never return.

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What you shouldn’t do is set up a home security camera to catch the culprit in the act, because chances are you will be spooked for life like this poor dad was. After setting up the camera, he made an absolutely terrifying discovery:

Jesus Christ. Did you see that doll’s head? OK, so you could argue that this is all staged and the dad purposely made the video to freak mere mortals like us out. If that is the case, then hopefully this guy makes his directorial debut soon because that would make for a terrific horror movie.

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