Dad Almost Kicks Son’s Head Off His Shoulders Trying To Show Off Spinning Kick

He wasn’t even close to hitting the target.

How do you make a video of yourself spin-kicking an object off your son’s head go as viral as possible? By making sure you completely cock it up and end up kicking his head off his shoulders instead.

I really hope the kid is OK because this does not look good at all in slo-mo:

Jesus Christ. I mean he wasn’t even close, was he? The worst part is he’s probably made this poor kid stand there and play his assistant a hundred times before, but of course the one time they try to film it for the world he ends up nearly decapitating his own son.

I mean just look at the impact here:

His neck looks like its playing Jenga with his head. And what even is that object his dad was trying to kick off in the first place? A brick? An iPhone?

Horrific stuff either way. But at least this guy enjoyed the show, I guess:

To watch a Chinese kid spin-kick a bully who told him he had coronavirus, click HERE. That one was intentional.


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