This Dad Explaining The Paris Attacks To His Son Is What A+ Parenting Is All About

This is what it means to be a brilliant dad.

Le Petit Journal, a French news shows, interviewed this little kid and his dad about Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. Watch as the dad explains that while the attackers had gun, the people of France have flowers and candles:

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Earlier today we posted footage of quite possibly the worst parent in the world (not Katy Perry’s dad, the one screaming at him), and now on the other side of the spectrum we’ve got this French dude here.

He managed to take a completely fucked up, complex tragedy and describe it in a way that made complete sense to his little boy. The guy’s got no choice but to see things the way that he describes them, because if he’s scared shitless every day, then his young son will be scared shitless every day too. It’s entirely up to the parent how a child that young understands the world around him.

Imagine if, like other dads out there are surely doing, he went off on some anti-Muslim rant about the attacks. This little boy would soak that all up in his brain and grow up to be a pissed off, intolerant racist. Instead he went the opposite way with it and the boy will grow up all the better for it.

A+ parenting all the way.


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