A Dad Was Hit In The Crotch After Gender Reveal Went Wrong

They never work.

I’m not really sure when or why gender reveal parties became a thing, but I think it’s safe to say that the world would be better off without them after the latest debacle over in California.

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The video below also proves that they can’t even be done correctly or effectively on a small scale, as a man filmed himself getting hit in a crotch with a flare rather than revealing to everyone the gender of the baby. The guy in question is named Tom Cressotti and he’s from Massachusetts (of course he was gonna be American) and it looks like the flare packed a huge wallop as it sends him flying onto his back after he’s hit with it.

Here’s what his wife Kristin had to say about it all:

The overall reaction was shock, followed by laughter. Once everyone knew we were all ok, we had lots of laughs about the event.

Unfortunately the instructions in the box weren’t unclear. We were apparently holding the powder cannons pointing in the wrong direction.

When used correctly the powder should be dispersed 20-30 feet into the air. Since Tom’s cannon was unknowingly pointing right at his genitals, he was directly blasted.

He was not permanently hurt by the accident and fully recovered within minutes. Tom was just shocked that we were holding them the incorrect way.

Apparently this was all my fault!

Everyone was also very excited that we are having a baby boy.

He is due on 7 February 2021 and we can’t wait to meet him.

Lol what a dork. Anyway, I don’t really think anyone was that excited about the gender of their baby because nobody has ever been genuinely excited at a gender reveal party ever and there’s no way that the fact the dude screwed it up and fired the flare into his own crotch isn’t going to overshadow everything about it. Just not possible, sorry.

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