The ‘Biggest Gender Reveal Ever’ Took Place In Dubai & Cost This Couple $130,000

Kill me now.

Gender reveals are among the most annoying phenomenons of the modern era that perfectly encapsulate how self-obsessed and narcissistic we have become as a society.

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Take Syrian-Canadian YouTube stars Anas Marwah and his wife Aayla, for example. This week they managed to pull off  the ‘biggest gender reveal party ever’ (their words), spending $130,000 on lighting up the tallest building in the world – Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – with a blue and pink light show before revealing the gender:

Blimey. That’s 830 metres and 163 floors of letting the world know they’re having a baby boy. Better than burning down half of California I guess?

Here’s an interesting bit pulled from the story in The National:

It is not known if the couple paid for the light show or if it was part of a promotional deal, but they did add the hashtags #MyDubai and #ThankYouEmaar to the video posted on their YouTube channel, Anasala Family.

Hmmm. Emaar Properties is a multinational real estate company in UAE valued at a staggering $9.7B. You may have noticed their logo light up on the building immediately after the reveal, so yeah, I’d say it was probably just a little bit of a ‘promotional deal’:

Why would this multi-billion dollar company choose this YouTube couple to do a gender reveal on the world’s tallest building?

The couple, who married in 2017, have more than 7.3 million subscribers on YouTube, and each have more than two million followers on their individual Instagram accounts.

Well anyway, as depressing and cringeworthy as the whole deal is, let’s go ahead and wish the happy couple a congratulations on the incoming birth of their baby boy. An extra special congratulations are in order for their perfect gender reveal party! Well… except for the bit where he elbowed her in the head around the 12 second mark:

For a gender reveal worth watching, get a load of this lady’s unreal gender reveal fart. Now that’s what you call creativity.


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