Dad Handles Man Who Was Harassing His Daughter In The Most Intelligent Way Possible (VIDEO)

Big respect for this.

It must be tough for a dad to refrain from murdering or at least seriously harming a grown man harassing his 19-year-old daughter, and especially when he’s got him in prime position for a justified ass-whooping.

That’s why the way this dad handles the situation in the below clip is so damn impressive:

Does it get any more mature and clearheaded than that? The dad knows that despite this guy creeping on his teenage daughter, he’d end up going to prison if he beat the shit out of him. Which is something he could very easily have done considering he’s clearly taken a few MMA classes in his time and literally had this guy in the perfect position for some ground and pound.

OK he did hit with a brutal DDT there to get him on the ground in the first place, but I think we can all agree he let him off easy overall. Would it have been great to see this guy get his face smashed in? Maybe, but you’ve got to respect how pops handled it in the end.

To watch a 17-year-old KO his stepdad for abusing his mum, click HERE. You can tell that had been building up for a while.


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