Another Dad Used His GoPro Camera The Wrong Way Round On His Entire Trip To Amsterdam

Dad GoPro wrong way round

Read it and weep Vegas dad.

A while ago, an Irish dad visiting Vegas managed to use his GoPro camera the wrong way round for the entire trip and it result in some absolutely classic footage.

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Well, it turns out he isn’t the only idiot dad in the world who doesn’t know how to use a GoPro as another recently visited Amsterdam and did the exact same thing. Even if these guys don’t know how to use technology have they never seen viral videos?

Still, we really should be thankful as we now get six and a half minutes of amusing footage of this old guy called Howard Newman’s facial expressions as he rocks around Amsterdam with his wife Jean. It’s great just watching this dude who has no idea he’s being filmed go about his holiday and not actually seeing any of the stuff he wanted to film.

What makes it even better is that when he hands it over to Jean, she manages to point it the right way only for Howard to point it the wrong way again as soon as he receives it back. What an absolute numbskull.

The couple’s son Mark noticed Howard’s error when he returned the GoPro to him and decided to put it all up online so he could try and make some money from the viral video. I dare say it’s worked.

Here’s what Mark said about the trip:

I lent my Dad my GoPro for his holiday to Amsterdam with my mum, when he returned it with much anticipation of me editing his footage we realised that he had been filming with the camera the wrong way around.

He blames the buttons being in the wrong place.

Such an old man excuse. But even his wife managed to figure it out dude! Props to Jean for blowing female stereotypes involving technology out of the water.

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