Dad Accidentally Sends Dick Pic To His Student Daughter On Valentine’s Day (PHOTO)

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Dick Pics 101: do not send to your daughter.

Every girl wants to get something for Valentine’s Day – even those who claim to not celebrate it/hate it – but it’s unlikely those wishes would include a dick pic from your father. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one girl received this weekend.

Robyn Millen from Brighton claimed that ‘she wanted to die’ after her dad sent her a pic of his dick in the bath which was meant for her mum. Her dad thought that he had just sent it to her but had instead put it on his story, meaning that all his followers saw it, including his daughter. Fucking wounded mate.

Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as it could have been as the dick was covered with emojis, but still, gross:

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Dad Dick Pic

Shudder. I wouldn’t want to be receiving that picture from my dad any time, no sir, and it would be even worse if I was a girl (I think?). Robyn let her know as much with this text message exchange with her father:

Dad Text Messages

Dad Texts 2

Her dad’s reply was even better, saying ‘So what. Nothing to see apart from my legs and those emoji things,’ which only proves to illustrate that this guy is the most stereotypical dad in all of existence, with the Snapchat story going some way to already confirming this. Robyn plans on giving him some lessons in the app when she returns from uni for the Easter holidays.

For those of you thinking of doing something similar (only hopefully not to your daughter but to a lover) here are tips on how to take the perfect dick pic.


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