Dad Left Disgusted After Finding Dozens Of Bugs In His Kid’s McDonald’s Meal



Every now and then you hear a fast food horror story about some gross ‘thing’ that shouldn’t be handed to you with your meal, but this one is a bit different because it involves live flies.

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23-year-old Jonathan Cullearn was buying a McDonald’s meal for his family (wife and three kids) in a Bradford restaurant, only to open up a Happy Meal and find that there were about 40 green flies all over it. Whilst that isn’t the grimmest thing ever as they’re kinda small, I would still be pretty freaked out that 40 of them were in there all over my food. How does something like that even happen?


 I find it disgusting, you just don’t expect it.

We purchased two Happy Meals and a burger for myself.

I opened up one of the meals and there had to be at least 40 greenflies all down the chips and the packaging.

If I had not spotted them, my child could have eaten them.

I just don’t know how something like this can happen and how so many could have gotten inside.

I don’t even get that from my local takeaway. I can’t even go to McDonalds again after that.

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Not sure what he’s trying to say about his local takeaway there, but yeah I can definitely appreciate why he was a bit freaked out about that. Hopefully he recovers from the experience and can start eating at KFC or Burger King or something.

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