Dad Photographs Daughter Savagely Eating A Freshly Killed Deer’s Heart (NSFL)

Straight up savagery.

No better way to bond with your 8-year-old daughter than to take her hunting and then allow her to munch on her very first deer heart.

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This man in New Zealand is facing criticism after posting photos of his family adventure online:


Opinion was split under his post:





Johnny says he’s not bothered what people think:

Chloe has been coming hunting with me since she was eight months old on a front pack. This was her first deer.

I’d quote the saying ‘lions do not care of the opinions of sheep’. She wanted to do it when she saw a picture of her uncle biting the heart of his first deer.

We’re not too serious about it; it’s something some hunters do with the first kill. I wouldn’t say [it is] ritualistic, but she is a hunter now.


I’m not a hunter so cutting out a deer’s heart and biting it does seem a little on the savage side, not to mention unsafe? It’s raw meat you’ve cut out of a dead animal after all. At least give it a wash first, right?

Not to worry though, soon enough we’ll be able to hunt actual humans for sport. What a day that will be.


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