Guy Films Himself Going On The Intense Cyclone Water Slide

Water Slide The Cyclone

There’s a 17m drop into a loop the loop and you travel as fast as 70 mph.

Water slides are great but this might be the most intense one I’ve ever seen and maybe even more dangerous than the ones at Action Park, which was once voted the most dangerous theme park in America.

It drops you into a 17 foot drop by literally taking the floor away from you so that you travel even faster – it’s said that people have reached speeds of up to 70mph when riding on it. Then it fires you around a loop the loop before spitting you back out in the mall. I’ve never seen or heard of a water slide like this so it’s really blown my mind.

Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to ride it anytime soon because the slide is all the way over in Edmonton Canada and I can’t really ever think of a time when I’m likely to be anywhere near that place. The water park itself does actually sound really awesome though – it’s all indoors so can stay open all year round and is also part of a shopping mall too, which I’m sure you’ll agree is an awesome idea. I’ll never look at The Bullring the same way again now that I know if the people who had designed it had brains they could have included a water park in it.


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