Would You Stick Your Dick Inside The World’s First ‘Sexual Home Appliance’?

This is the world’s first ‘sexual home appliance’ – it spins and vibrates. Would you stick your penis in it?

Would you stick your penis inside the ‘Cyclone’ — a Bluetooth-enabled, speed-and-rotation adjustable sex home appliance? Company Vorze are hoping it will one day be sold in electronics shops rather than just sex shops and also become a kind of social networking tool as you share your speed and rotation settings and wank data with friends online.

Would you stick your dick in it though? I want to say no but I can’t completely rule it out. I can imagine sitting at home alone one day and spotting this thing on the counter and if I knew my girlfriend wouldn’t be back for another few hours I can’t say with 100% certainly that I wouldn’t give it a little try. You’ve gotta be honest with yourself about these things. The biggest thing that’s bugging me is the way it’s spinning violently in circles. Can anyone at Vorze explain that one because I’m pretty sure girls don’t spin around your cock in circles. I mean I suppose it’s possible but no way would they go that fast. Is spinning sex some kind of new thing I don’t know about? Either way, I remain curious but also dubious about the world’s first ‘sexual home appliance’.

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