The Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Trailer Is Here To Get You Pumped For Release Day Tomorrow

Only 24 hours to go.

It’s hard to believe that after almost seven long years of waiting and a whole bunch of delays that Cyberpunk 2077 is finally going to be released tomorrow, but it seems like this is 100% going to happen and nothing can stop us getting our grubby mitts on it in 24 hours time.

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As if we weren’t pumped enough, CD Projekt Red have dropped the launch trailer to psyche us up even more, so take at that below and feel it even more:

Yeah, always dig launch trailers way more than gameplay trailers because they actually make it look way more like a movie trailer with a story and a plot and that gets me way more excited than some of the other clips they’ve shown in the past. Sure, it doesn’t really divulge much of the plot other than it’s something to do with cheating death and you’re gonna run around Night City fighting people, blowing stuff up and driving really fast bikes and cars, but do you really need that much more right now? You probably already pre-ordered it months ago.

Most of the reviews for Cyberpunk 2077 are out and they’re all really positive, aside from the fact that it’s majorly buggy and will probably require a five hour day one patch before you can play it. Make sure you plug it in and start downloading it as soon as it arrives through your letterbox.

Other than that, watch out for the sequences that trigger epileptic seizures. Surely they were a bit unnecessary?


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