Cyberpunk 2077 Has Been Delayed AGAIN & Gamers Are Not Happy

This game is going to blow GTA V out of the water – when it eventually comes out.

Cyberpunk 2077 was first teased back in 2012, and since 2018 has been showcased with huge fanfare as a new open world franchise likened to GTA if it were set in a dystopian future.

The game was initially set for release in April this year, but was then pushed back to September, then November, and now… December 10th. Here’s the latest statement put out by makers CD Projekt Red:

Gamers are especially pissed because following the previous delay, CD Projekt Red confirmed multiple times that the game was complete and another delay was out of the question, which meant many people had booked days off work in November so they could binge the fuck out of it.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Jeez, what a bunch of babies! I get that we need all the home entertainment we can get in these times of lockdown and quarantine, but imagine being upset that a developer is taking the time to make a game the best version it can be. Shit happens. If the game were released unfinished or broken, surely that would be infinitely worse than having to wait another month for it (even with all the delays before then).

CD Projekt Red came under fire earlier this year when it announced staff would have to work overtime to finish the game – known in the industry as “crunch”. It had previously promised not to impose that kind of demand on its staff, but I guess when you’re trying to hit release dates and have people on the internet bitching and moaning 24/7, you’re not really left with much choice.

In any case, it looks as though the December 10 release date is for real this time. Here’s a look at some of the gameplay they’ve put out – late contender for Game of the Year?

You will also be able to customise your genitals, take drugs and shag prostitutes. GTA V – eat your heart out.


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