This Cushion Reveals Jeff Goldblum’s Face With A Christmas Message

Jeff Goldblum

If you’re stuck for ideas for what to get for Christmas, then maybe check out this amazing cushion because there’s a 99% chance that whoever you’re buying it for will absolutely love it because pretty much everyone in the world loves Jeff Goldblum.

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The cushion comes looking like a normal cushion to begin with, but then you brush it in the right way and it reveals a picture of Jeff Goldblum’s face with the Christmas message ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Swoon.

The pillow costs £23.95 of Etsy but comes with free shipping which is a pretty acceptable price for something like this I feel. Manufacturers Far From Average said the following about it all:

This reversible sequin/scales pillow will be a perfect gift for your friend, beloved one or a perfect home decor item.

We ensure high quality material, every pillow is produced in my in-house studio in Europe, no cheap China materials used.

Nice. Definitely picking up one of these for someone over Christmas. Might even pick one up myself for lolz too you know, it’s a hell of a gift.

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