If You Have A Curved Penis, You’re At Higher Risk Of Cancer

If you care about your friends, you will text them right now.

A study by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has found that men with a rare disease that causes curvature of the penis are at higher risk of developing several cancers.

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The research, which looked at over 1.5 million men, found a connection between Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes men to have curved erections, and cancers of the stomach, skin and testes. I didn’t even know a curved penis was a symptom of a ‘disease’, apparently you can get it if you somehow injure your penis and there’s a subsequent scar tissue buildup. 

Dr. Alexander Pastuszak, the leader of the study, told the Telegraph:

We think this is important because these conditions are largely taken for granted.

While they’re significant in the sexual and reproductive life cycles of these patients, linking them to other disorders suggest that these men should be monitored for development of these disorders disproportionately in contrast to the rest of the population

Nobody has made these associations before.

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So if you really care about your friends you should text them right now and enquire as to the shape of their penis. Don’t even take their word for it, ask them to send you a picture of their dick to be sure. You could literally be saving someone’s life. 

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