Cult Films Cut Down Into 60 Second Clips

Ever looked at a list of cult films and decided you needed to watch them but just didn’t have the time. Fear not as they’ve been cut-down into short 1 minute clips.

Ever been in a conversation where someone references a cult film and you don’t understand, so you have the awkward decision of either just laughing and giving a slight nod or asking them to explain.  If you choose the latter, you promise yourself that when you get home you’ll watch the movie so the embarrassment of not seeing it will subside. Here at Sick Chirpse, we know that you all live incredibly busy lives and so you may not have an hour and a half to watch the film. The good people at 1A4 Studio also know this and have sought to eradicate your discomfort by cutting the films down to just 1 minute.

Now sit back and watch all the great things you’ve missed:

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Back To The Future:

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The Matrix:

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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:

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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas:

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Blade Runner:

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The Big Lebowski:

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Pulp Fiction:

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