90s Classic ‘Crystal Pepsi’ Is Finally Making A Comeback

Nostalgia alert.

Looks like aspartame-sweetened Diet Pepsi isn’t the only soft drink making a comeback.

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PepsiCo have announced that they’re returning Crystal Pepsi to stores around the world this summer after a campaign by the LA Beast picked up a decent amount of support online, with 38,000+ people also signing a petition by British Pepsi fan Austin Scammel to bring the 90’s favourite back.

Crystal Pepsi, basically a clear cola marketed as a healthier alternative to the standard cola drinks, was only around briefly from 1992–1994, and even spawned a Coca Cola version called ‘Tab’ cola.

Here’s a quintessentially 90s Pepsi Cola ad that aired back when it was first released:

Looks like the soft drinks industry has become a bit like the movie industry – just bring back or remake the classics instead of trying to invent something new.

The weird thing is that the only reason PepsiCo stopped production of Crystal Pepsi in the first place was because of poor sales, so I don’t get why everyone’s clamouring for it to be brought back 20+ years later. I suppose nostalgia sells no matter how well or poorly-received the product was in the first place. I may have tried Crystal Pepsi once as a 7-year-old and wasn’t particularly impressed, so good thing they’re bringing back aspartame-sweetened Diet Pepsi as well. Much rather risk a fatal disease with my soft drink than have to drink some gross aspartame-free drink any day.

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