Crystal Palace Fans Accidentally Vandalise Their Own Team Bus


Well that backfired.

Crystal Palace fans pulled the dumbest move ever recently, by defacing their own team’s bus after believing it belonged to their Premier League relegation rivals, Middlesbrough.

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The coach was spray painted with the words ‘Crystal Palace FC’ in the early hours of Saturday morning. Good one guys.

Despite the coach being covered in the red, white and blue paint, the team continued to use the vehicle before their clash with Middlesbrough on Saturday afternoon.

£40k worth of damage – that ain’t no joke.

A spokesman for Crystal Palace said:

The team bus was covered in graffiti with the words ‘Crystal Palace’ overnight on Friday ahead of the game on Saturday. Police have been informed.

On the plus side, the incident didn’t distract the team, as they ended up securing a 1-0 win over Middlesbrough. Clearly they’re able to stand up and fight when facing adversity. Now they just need to sort out getting new fans. Bunch of morons.

To watch a drunk city fan trying to stand up after a victory against Crystal Palace, click HERE.


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