Cruel Tourists Lure Pig Into River So They Can Watch It Being Eaten Alive By Alligator (NSFL VIDEO)

These tourists are sick f*cks.

This clip from a few years back is doing the rounds again after going viral on TikTok, and involves a truly horrific and morally questionable scene where a group of tourists in New Orleans trick a piglet into being eaten alive by alligator, by luring it into the gator’s path with chunks of food.

It makes for extremely distressing viewing (and listening) – you have been warned:

Damn. I know gators have to eat and it’s all part of the circle of life and everything, but you have to be one truly sick fuck to actually create that situation out of nothing and watch it happen for your own amusement. It’s a bit like paying a kid to go and harass a crazy homeless person because you know the kid is going to get his arse kicked.

Yeah OK it’s possible that pig would have met a brutal and untimely death some other day in the Bayou, and apparently feral pigs are a huge problem over in Louisiana so the locals don’t mind, but there’s something about the human interference in causing this pig’s death that rubs me the wrong way. And the way they just floated away in their boat like they didn’t do anything! Oh well, RIP piggie.

To watch a man who went swimming with alligators act genuinely shocked when he gets bitten on the shoulder, click HERE. What did he think was gonna happen?


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