A Croatian Mob Danced And Cheered Whilst An Effigy Of A Gay Couple With Child Was Burned


Just when you think that we’re making a mark on the world with progressivism in terms of LGBTQ rights, then a video like the one below turns up that proves to you that some places in the world are still living in the stone age.

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The video comes from the town of Imotski in Croatia and is a direct reaction to left-wing Social Democratic Party MP Nenad Stazić, who recently called for same sex couples to be able to foster children in the country. The town decided to parade a huge effigy of a gay couple kissing with a doll baring Stazić’s face through the whole place before setting it on fire as an announcer said the following:

My head is spinning from this culture of death… This year, let’s set this grotesque family with baby Nenad Stazić on fire!

The crowd – which included women and children – then danced around and cheered as it went up in flames. If you wanna check out the grotesque footage, the video is below – hopefully I don’t need to explain to you what is wrong with this:

Terrifyingly backward. Thankfully the President of Crotia has condemned this activity with a lengthy Facebook post saying the following:

The symbolic burning of the same-sex couple with a child in Imotski is inhumane, unpleasant and totally unacceptable under the cover of the carnival celebrations.

Hatred for others, intolerance and inhumanity are not and will never be a Croatian tradition.

I will be monitoring the response of our public institutions, especially since [the burning] was watched by many children who witnessed the spread of hate and incitement to violence.

That sounds good, but I don’t really think most of Croatia is listening. They imposed a ban on gay marriage in 2013 with 66% of the country backing the vote and although gay couples can enter into a civil partnership and discrimination on the grounds of sexual or gender identity is banned, the fact that stuff like what’s going on in that video is still happening gives you a pretty good impression of what’s going on there. Sadly can’t really see it changing any time soon either.

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