Cristiano Ronaldo Found A Girl’s Lost Phone In Vegas, Returned It To Her Then Took Her And All Her Friends To Dinner

Some people have all the luck.

The only time I ever found a random person’s lost phone on a night out it ended up belonging to a builder named Dave who thanked me for returning it, then went on his merry way. When you’re Cristiano Ronaldo however the only phones you’re going to find laying around are going to be unlocked and contain pictures of the mega attractive owner and all her mega attractive friends.

Then you’re going to return said phone to said attractive owner (a girl named Austin Woolstenhulme in this case) and take her and all her friends out to party and invite them back to your hotel suite. Standard:

Seriously, some people have all the luck. Also such an awesome story for these girls to be able to say Cristiano Ronaldo found their phone, returned it to them and then had an insane orgy with them back at his hotel afterwards (probably).

If there’s anyone who really didn’t need this kind of luck it’s Ronaldo. All things considered though – he definitely deserves it.


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