Cristiano Ronaldo Has Released A Statement Categorically Denying He Anally Raped A Woman



Cristiano Ronaldo’s picture perfect image was shattered on Sunday when a German newspaper published a pretty detailed report about how a woman named Kathryn Mayorga accused him of anally raping her back in 2009.

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Ronaldo took to Instagram live in the immediate aftermath of the accusation, telling people that it was fake news and that people only used his name so that they could sell newspapers and headlines. However, he never categorically mentioned this anal rape allegation and he’s now taken to Twitter to deliver the following statement:

Yep, doesn’t sound like he’s going to be standing for this at all, but given the level of detail of the article and her case he may find that it’s going to be a lot harder to prove his innocence than just posting out a tweet like this. I mean he even allegedly paid her $375,000 to keep quiet about it and also acknowledged that she screamed ‘no’ and ‘stop’ repeatedly during the incident which doesn’t sound too good for the guy right now. And there’s no real reason for Mayorga to revisit this again except for justice as it sounds like it was one of the most traumatic experiences of her life. Not sure how this is gonna progress.

For Ronaldo’s original denial of anal rape, click here. This one is a lot more emphatic though.


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