Cristiano Ronaldo Gives His Girlfriend £80,000 A Month To Do Whatever She Wants With

From £13-an-hour nanny to £80k monthly allowance.

I get that £80,000 is pocket change to a megastar footballer like Ronaldo, but I still can’t imagine how much his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez must be loving life in Turin right now.

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The WAG went from a basic £13-an-hour babysitting job to now receiving an £80k monthly allowance from Juventus’s main man (he makes £28million a year at the club).

She’s obviously been putting it to good use:

In this photo, Georgina is rocking £775k worth of jewellery – just on her hand and wrist!

What a life. £80,000 a month to do whatever the fuck you want with. It’s not as if every woman on the planet doesn’t already find Ronaldo irresistible – imagine getting 80 grand a month on top of being his girlfriend. Georgina Rodriguez has got to be the most enviable woman in the world right now.

It’s not a bad deal for Ronaldo either. Obviously Georgina is an absolute babe, but as far as I can tell this is an £80k pay monthly deal – no contract. Which means when/if he decides to move onto the next one he can just cut ties immediately with no hassle. Worth every penny.

Fair play to the happy couple – all the best to both of them!

For the man who divorced his wife because she thought Ronaldo was better than Messi, click HERE. Maybe Cristiano wants to get a look in?

[h/t The Sun]


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