BINGO – Cristiano Ronaldo Has Now Scored In Every Single Minute Of A Football Match

This is one of the most incredible statistics I’ve ever seen.

This is one absolutely incredible statistic that I had never even thought would be possible, but of course that man Cristiano Ronaldo has nailed it.

Cristiano scored both goals – two penalties – in Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Athletico Madrid in the Copa Del Rey semi final on Tuesday and crucially the first of these came in the 7th minute of the competition, which was the only minute in a football match that he had failed to score in previously.

So now, he’s managed to score in every single minute of a football match, which is pretty incredible. Not sure if Messi has achieved that accolade yet but no doubt he’ll be gunning for it as those two can never not compete over stupid awards and titles.

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