Cristiano Ronaldo Kicked A Ball So Hard It Knocked Someone Out

Cristiano Ronaldo Laughing

It was like being ‘tagged by Floyd Mayweather’.

We know how deadly Ronaldo can be from a free kick (or at least how deadly he used to be) and we also know how powerful they are as he once broke an 11 year old’s wrist. However, he’s now gone even further (perhaps even rivalling Adriano’s legendary shot power 99?) by actually knocking out a rival player with one of his shots this past weekend.

Real Madrid were in action against Getafe and Ronaldo was his usual self, cutting in from the left and unleashing one of his trademark drives towards goal. Unfortunately for one of the Getafe defenders named Alexis Ruano this shot hit him square in the face and knocked him out cold.

As you’ll see in the second video below, the lights are on but nobody’s home. The physio even opens up his eyes and they are just glazed over.

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Ruano was able to eventually recover after being led off the pitch and managed to continue with the rest of the match (which Real won 4-1) , but he admitted himself after the match that he felt like he had been tagged by Floyd Mayweather. Oof.

Maybe Ronaldo was trying to put recent rumours that he was in a gay relationship with a Moroccan kickboxer to bed by proving how hard he was on the field?


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