These Crisps Have Been Pulled From The Shelves As They’re Offensive To Welsh People


Calm down.

These days it seems like you don’t even really need to do that much to gravely offend some people and ruin any reputation you might have spent a long time cultivating and this has been proven once again with the news that some crisps have been taken off the shelves because they’re offensive to Welsh people.

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The Colliers Powerful Welsh Rarebit crisps from manufacturer Real Crisps features a photo of a Welsh miner named Rhodri on the front alongside some kind of lame story about him – I guess to try and humanise the crisps and create a narrative around them – that is about the most stereotypical and ergo offensive thing that you could say about Welsh people. Cultural appropriation even:


Meet Rhodri. Or Rhondda Rodders to the lads down the Lamp & Helmet. Like his father, his father and his father before him, this ‘Real’ Welshman was born to swing a pick. But after work he’d rather pick a pack of his favourite Collier’s Powerful Welsh Rarebit crisps.

I mean that isn’t really that offensive I don’t think but a lot of Welsh people have been tweeting their disapproval of it, mainly because of the fact that nobody has worked in the pits in the Rhondda since the 80s because that was when they closed down. As such, Real Crisps have been forced to take these crisps off the market and issue the following grovelling apology courtesy of their marketing director Matthew Smith:

We are sorry for any distress that has been caused by the wording.

We certainly didn’t mean to be insensitive. This product was launched over four years ago and until now we had not received any feedback.

However, recent comments pointing out how the story on the packet could be interpreted now seem really obvious but, unfortunately, we didn’t pick this up when we were designing the pack.

We have taken the comments on board and would like to apologise wholeheartedly. We have also started delisting the product.

Our customers’ opinions are really important to us and I hope they see we are responding to their feedback.

I mean I don’t think it’s that offensive but I guess that’s just the world we live in now and that’s emphasised even more by the fact that it’s taken four years for anyone to get angry about this. Guess that’s just a sign of the times though hey? Hope nobody really loved those crisps and these guys have ruined it for them though.

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