Cris Cyborg Made Her UFC Debut And Completely Destroyed Her Opponent (VIDEO)

Ronda Rousey – you’re next.

Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino – the fighter people have been accusing Ronda Rousey of dodging for years – made her UFC debut on the weekend and quite comfortably battered opponent Leslie Smith into defeat in just 81 seconds.

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After the fight, talk of a Rousey showdown was brought up again but this time it was Cyborg who played it down:

Today was my night. It was a historic moment for me. I’ll let my fans determine who my next opponent will be.

Watch below:

I’m no UFC expert but when I watch that video all I see is a ripped lunatic with braided hair and tattoos all over her body against a relatively normal looking chick Leslie Smith. You have to bring your lunatic brain into a fight against someone like Cyborg. Smith never stood a chance.

So a decent UFC debut for Cyborg, let’s hope Rousey doesn’t freak out at anyone for congratulating her, the way she did to Paige VanZant.


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