This Crimewatch Presenter Looks Exactly Like The Suspect He’s Talking About

Crimewatch Presenter Exactly Like Suspect


Things got pretty awkward on Crimewatch on Monday night when viewers noticed that presenter Jason Mohammed looked a lot like the suspect that they were talking about on the show, as you can see from the above photo.

Sure, the resemblance is probably based upon the fact that both Mohammed and the suspect are bald and are slightly tanned and look kinda menacing, but you can definitely say there’s a close resemblance between the two of them without being racist or baldist, as Larry David might say.

An actual police officer was the first person to notice it, as PC Alice Nichols tweeted the following and it eventually went so wild on the social media platform that Mohammed himself had to eventually acknowledge it:

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Fortunately for Mohammed, the suspect had already been identified as a dude called Victor Lakatos and he’s already doing an 18 year sentence for assault, so there’s no chance that it was actually him and he would have any explaining to do. Instead he’s just getting laughed at by everyone on Twitter and probably everyone at the BBC too. Unlucky pal.

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