Creepiest, Grossest Dandruff Shampoo Adverts Ever

creepy crawly dandruff advert featured

They’re from China and feature loads of creepy crawly bugs crawling around on people’s heads instead of their hair. Told you they were creepy/gross.

creepy crawly dandruff advert featured

I’m not in advertising and I’m glad I’m not. I would probably be petrified that every idea/campaign I came up with would be falsely misconstrued by the public and could possibly lead to the bankruptcy of the company and it would all be my fault. Of course my idea would have probably had to pass through various departments of the corporate hierarchy before it was OK’ed and the campaign was actually allowed to run, so ultimately a lot of people would also have been involved with the potential demise of said company, but I think ultimately the blame would have to lie with me for having had such an idea in the first place. You can’t really blame everyone else for being blinded by their own stupidity in these situations, can you?

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Which is probably exactly how something like these adverts came to pass over in China. China is a pretty crazy place but I don’t think we have anywhere near as much content about it on Sick Chirpse as we do about our crazy bros over in Japan and Russia. These adverts are definitely up there though because they are completely retarded. I mean why would anyone think that it’s a good idea to have a picture of someone’s scalp covered in creepy crawlies to promote a shampoo is beyond me. I mean I get the idea but the imagery is just horrific and gross and horrible and I can’t see myself buying that brand ever because even though I know they’re trying to imply that your scalp feels like that and this shampoo will help stop that feeling, but all I can think about it is that if I used the shampoo then my scalp might end up being covered in creepy crawlies, and nobody would want that right? Do these ads make you feel like that too?

I haven’t got any information about how this shampoo is selling since these adverts went up, but I can bet it isn’t too well. Although having said that, the Chinese are really weird so who knows? Oh yeah, the text on the ad translates as ‘shampoo for itchy scalp.’

creepy crawly dandruff ad 2

creepy crawly dandruff ad 1

creepy crawly dandruff ad 3


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