The Creator Of Father Ted Has Compared Transgender Activists To Nazis

Graham Lineham

Stone age opinions.

The transgender movement has really moved into the mainstream in the past decade or so, but there are still people out there who refuse to accept it and will do anything the can to challenge it.

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One of these sadly is the creator of Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd, 50 year old Graham Lineham. In a recent interview with Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio, he compared transgender activists to Nazis and said that he could no longer state his opinion about issues relating to it without feeling like he was being persecuted:

People do get very nervous… it’s like putting your hand on a flamethrower.

The opposition is so extreme and so frightening that eventually everyone is asking you to stop.

My feeling is I can’t because it’s too important.

It’s too important to the women in my life and it’s too important to me.

I’m now in a position where I can now answer the question honestly of, if you were around the time of something terrible happening like Nazism, would you be one of the people who said, ‘This is wrong,’ despite being opposed?


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I feel happy in myself that I’ve been one of the people saying up and saying, ‘No, this is wrong,’ despite everyone telling me not to do it.

When things are wrong, you should be allowed to point out that they’re wrong.

If you don’t point it out now when they’re affecting other people, you won’t have a chance against it when it happens to you.

The thing I can easily see happening, because I’ve had experience with these type of people already, is someone in a changing room, a man walks in, absolutely no indication he’s a woman.

The woman challenges it, the man says, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m a woman, this is my female beard, this is my female penis, and you’re guilty of hate speech.’

If you don’t think that’s going to happen, I don’t know what world you’re living in because it’s already happened.

I mean whilst it is true that that has happened, I’m not really sure if Lineham’s views are really that legit in the woke age of 2018. I’m not gonna say anything about it either because I’m pretty sure that whatever I saw someone will take exception to it, so just make of it what you will. Don’t think I’m really that down with it though.

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