Crazy Stripper Shows Off Her Nazi Tattoo And Calls Black Man The N-Word During Racist Rant (VIDEO)

This is nuts.

Even with the abundance of footage out there showing some of the racist attitudes still prevalent across the world (and especially America), it’s still shocking to find new clips of people who are aware they are being recorded but are still happy to express racist sentiments.

For example, this (probably meth’d up) young lady from over in Baltimore:

Jesus, where do you even begin? The fact she’s wearing a T-shirt inspired by N.W.A & is still acting like a racist Karen is just top tier irony.

Was totally unprepared for this moment too – sexy or what, fellas?

The internet did some digging and not only did they identify this lunatic as Baltimore stripper Angelica Rose Brecker…

…they also discovered that her tattoo artist father gave her that Nazi tattoo:

A beautiful father/daughter bonding moment, I’m sure you’ll agree.

She also has an amazingly original way of spelling “they’re” that I’m pretty sure no one has ever seen before:

Well anyway, fair play to the guy filming for keeping his cool throughout the entire ordeal. Wouldn’t want her spilling her Cuppa Soup everywhere and becoming even more unhinged. Any guesses as to who she’ll be voting for on November 3rd?

To watch a racist man on the London Underground get KO’d into oblivion with one punch, click HERE.


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